Why can we help you?

All of our basic principles are based on a complete cure of dependence and the active consolidation of the result. Dozens of clinics, rehabilitation centers, therapeutic camps are at our disposal. Any our client gets into a full system, whose action is aimed at an accurate and effective result. Our system has helped and helped many dependent people for many years. The centralized aligned system is focused on solving problems with dependence and the subsequent realization of a person's social status. It is this qualitatively different from many other centers. The following are simple steps to stop the dependence and socialization of our customers



Remove of acute abstinence syndrome (lomka, coumar, hangover, etc.) in the clinic permanently



Inpatient psychological care in the clinic for a period of 1 to 6 months



Adaptation to social and economic conditions, to role functions, social norms, from 7 to 12 months


Ambulatory treatment

Post-reinforcement accompaniment of the patient, when he can already work, build a personal life

We will really help you and your loved ones FOREVER change your life!