Treatment program

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Treatment program
  • Preparation of a treatment program

  • At the first stage, toxic substances are completely removed from the patient's body. The withdrawal syndrome is removed by advanced biological methods, without causing physical suffering. Rehabilitation course of treatment of drug addiction involves the implementation of psychological techniques that provide a stable remission over the long years.

    The drug treatment program in many clinics is carried out without a rehabilitation period, so the effect of therapy does not last long. After detoxification, the patient is simply discharged from the clinic, not caring about his psychological state. In most cases, this leads to the return of the old habit on the second day after cleansing the body. Similar proposals appear every day, but in reality it is wasted money.

    Qualitative disposal of addiction is possible only with active work with drug addicts at the stage of rehabilitation. This is a difficult work that is carried out by high professionals with extensive experience.

    Features of treatment of drug addiction in our program

    Our specialists do everything possible to make the patient gain confidence in their abilities and discover new guidelines that will help them return to normal society. The clinic successfully introduces the following methods of drug treatment:

    • Spiritual development of personality;
      Equal to the equal;
      Therapeutic communities;
      12 steps.
  • The main emphasis is on the program 12 steps, which involves going through three basic stages

    • medication
      patient's return to society (resociology)
  • Each stage of treatment of drug addiction has its own characteristics and takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The clinic is ready to take on the most difficult cases of drug addiction. New patients on admission examine several severely profiled specialists, including a therapist and a narcologist. The rehabilitation phase begins immediately after the removal of the breakdown. The therapist conducts individual work with each patient. At the same time, group sessions are organized at which psychological causes of dependence are quickly identified. At this stage, the specialist helps to eliminate complexes and resolve internal conflicts.

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