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In detail

  • Therapy of dependent clients:

    • Small groups of personal development. I have written a lot about group therapy, but I will give several theses about its usefulness for dependent and co-dependent clients, using a quote from I. Yalom's book (Yalom I., Lests M. Group psychotherapy: theory and practice.
      • - Refusal of pretentiousness and counter-dependence
      • - Self-recovery through relationships and human connections
      • - Formation and strengthening of the "Image of the Self" and its "Borders";
      • - Find with the help of a group within yourself resources for changes
      • - To see in interaction in a safe environment of the group their habitual self-destructive behavior patterns and to be trained in how to change them
      • - Discovering the possibilities for self-discovery
      • - Get support from the group if necessary
      • - Learn how to withstand undesirable influence in confrontation
      • - Opportunity to understand and sympathize with other participants
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