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  • Resocialization

    Sociotherapeutic technologies are aimed at the patients' readaptation and resocialization (including the acquisition of social skills and competences, professions); Training, employment, legal assistance

  • Resocialization is a re-socialization that occurs throughout the life of an individual. Resocialization is carried out by changes in the attitudes of the person, goals, norms and values of life.

    The main problem solved by resocialization is the problem of a real exit from the rehabilitation center, where the client is often much more comfortable.

    The purpose of the stage of resocialization is to help the ward, who completed the stage of being in a stationary environment, gradually to find his place in society again, to become his useful member, free of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, while ensuring the stability of lifestyle changes for the longest possible time.

    This task is solved through individual planning of the program completion process for each participant of the program.

    The basis is the desire to maximize the development of the normative parts of the individual through the following aspects of existence: socialization, labor.


    means the desire to establish harmony in the personal interaction of the ward in the family circle, with friends, with the opposite sex, and with respect to the political and cultural aspects of life in a "big" society. It is necessary that people constantly and anew define their relations in each of these areas, both during the process of resocialization, and after the delivery of a certificate of completion of the rehabilitation program. The process of returning to normal life concerns many aspects, including the establishment of intimate relationships. This is a comprehensive socialization. It is necessary to be able to "enter" into society in all its roles, all its qualities.

    Employment or education (training)

    To ensure this, it is necessary to check and evaluate the abilities that the graduate currently has, his cultural level, etc. That is, to understand what the graduate wants to get from his work and what kind of reward he expects from both an economic point of view and from the point of view of obtaining moral satisfaction.

    Unemployment is one of the main reasons for the return to drugs after the completion of the program. Having no prospects for employment, graduates of the Program feel unfit and socially vulnerable. Therefore, during the stay in the rehabilitation center, the resources and abilities of a person are studied.

    During rehabilitation, the graduate acquires the confidence that he will be able to overcome his illness, and also learn to identify the dangerous and safe for sobriety, types of employment, interacting with relatives, if any, and if they are able to help in this task.

    One of the options is the possible creation of cooperatives from persons who have undergone rehabilitation programs. Just learn how to manage and plan your spending and time for recreation. After all, it is important and correct to learn how to relax. Very often a thought, about alcohol or drugs, comes exactly when a person is tired, angry, hungry, and whiter than lonely. But, accompanied by an experienced leader who knows the communication skills and psychological knowledge, each dependent has great opportunities to achieve a balanced life, and thereby ensure a sober future

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