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  • Rehabilitation Abroad:

    • Center in Thailand
    • Center in Israel
    • Center in the United States of America
    • Center in Russia

    Our centers work with all kinds of addictions: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling. Rehabilitation technologies - a set of organizational methods and principles of the therapeutic community, a 12-step program, the Minnesota model of rehabilitation, the program of Anonymous drug addicts and other communities / clubs of sobriety.

  • What is rehabilitation?

    The word rehabilitation has a literal translation - the restoration of activities. Rehabilitation in narcology is the process following the initial stage of treatment (detoxification and drug treatment) and can consist of group and individual psychotherapy of different directions, inviting to mutual aid groups, treatment with living in a therapeutic community, training a profession, involving in labor activity. To date, the rehabilitation focus of narcology is based on a systematic approach to building a treatment and rehabilitation process, the arrangement of a therapeutic environment, differentiated therapeutic strategies.

    What is the difference between our program of medical rehabilitation and other types of rehabilitation?

    The department employs only vyskoprofessionalnye psychologists, specializing, namely, on the problems of dependence, doctors-psychotherapists, psychiatrists-narcologists.

    The work is conducted using modern professional medical methods of psychotherapy.

    Diagnosis and treatment of concomitant diseases is carried out.

    The department adheres strictly to the protective narcological regime, which excludes the possibility of using.

    Impossibility of free care of the patient from the department "on demand" without preliminary discussion with the doctor, as well as without accompanying relatives, which excludes the possibility of failure at sudden aggravation of craving for drugs, alcohol, gambling.

    Free psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic work is conducted with relatives and relatives of the patient.

    This means that literally everything and the interior, and the daily routine, and medical measures - are aimed at solving problems related to dependence. Comfortable conditions, friendly atmosphere, planned leisure, playing sports help patients not to feel themselves in "hospital" conditions

    Rehabilitation of drug addicts is conditionally divided into 3 main stages: adaptation, integration and stabilization.

    During the adaptation stage of rehabilitation, the addiction of drug addicts to the conditions of detention and the mode of operation of the rehabilitation center takes place. Practice shows that the adaptation stage takes place in 2 weeks. Turning to drug addiction as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual disorder, therapeutic methods in our rehabilitation center are aimed at increasing the patient's social-psychological adaptation. Refusal of psychoactive substances can be considered as the result of careful analysis of the patient's personality and the system of his life values.

    At the very beginning of the inpatient treatment, the patient undergoes a number of diagnostic procedures: anamnestic survey of a specialist, clinical and psychotherapeutic interviews with a clinical psychologist (life story), examination by a therapist, neurologist and other specialists.

    It is supposed to identify concomitant mental disorders, as well as symptomatic treatment: elimination of insomnia, pathological effects on surfactants, selection of long-term psychopharmacotherapy.

    Another method that increases the reserve capacity of the body is the introduction of regular classes of physical therapy. The patient's successful completion of the program of the initial stage of rehabilitation, adherence to the regime and separation rules for less than 4 days allows the patient to be transferred to the next stage.

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