Quit the booze

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Quit the booze
  • Quit the booze

    Usually when stopping drunken states, the following stages or steps are distinguished:


    to reduce intoxication with alcohol and its derivatives and normalization of blood electrolyte composition performed at home by setting up a dropper (or several) with the drugs selected according to the condition.


    to restore the work of the cardiovascular system, stabilize the functions of the heart, restore normal blood pressure, and the work of other systems and organs. By using correctly selected modern medicines, directly at home. For example, apply antiemetics, antihistamines, B vitamins, vitamin C, sedatives, and, if necessary, hypnotics and so on ...


    for the resumption of normal mental reactions, the work of the central and peripheral nervous system, the prevention of convulsive manifestations. At home, it is produced with the help of appropriate medications - nootropics, organotropic drugs.

    It is important that these activities are carried out under the supervision of an expert in narcology. Only the doctor is able to monitor and, if necessary, adjust the course of treatment. A dropper from drinking binge as a self-treatment procedure is not permissible, too risky to get serious complications instead of the expected treatment. Since metabolites formed after the breakdown of alcohol, when binge accumulate in large quantities and are not excreted by the body on their own, are harmful compounds. It is vitally important, first of all, to neutralize them and cleanse the body of toxins as soon as possible. The conclusion from the binge, therefore, is aimed at preventing intoxication, alleviating the manifestations of the withdrawal syndrome and restoring the normal functioning of the life support systems of the body. After the procedures for breaking the binge, the patient falls asleep, and the general condition stabilizes and improves.

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