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In detail

  • Narcology studies all aspects of prevention and treatment of all types of addiction

Narcology is a division of medicine that deals with the study of chronic alcoholism, substance abuse and drug addiction, and also works towards the development of methods for preventing and treating these dependencies. A specialist who represents this field of medicine is a narcologist.

Symptoms, when you should contact a doctor-narcologist:

dilated or narrowed pupils; redness or turbidity of the eyes; excessive pallor; poor coordination of movements; Memory impairment; frequent changes of mood; hyperemia of the face; rapid pulse and breathing; Increased blood pressure; ataxia; Nystagmus; Dysarthria; nausea, vomiting; cramps tremor. Most often, dependent people do not turn to the narcologist with their problems, since they do not consider themselves dependent on alcohol or narcotic drugs. To see the symptoms of dependency may be surrounding, relatives, colleagues.

Diseases that are studied by narcology:

delirium tremens; alcoholic depression; alcoholic hallucinosis; alcoholic paranoid; alcoholic epilepsy; alcoholic encephalopathy; alcoholic psychosis; alcoholic pseudo-paralysis; Korsakov's psychosis; addiction.

Diagnosis and treatment measures in narcology

To establish the main diagnosis, a narcologist with enough narcological screening results is sufficient. To identify additional (accompanying) pathologies, a doctor may be assigned a number of diagnostic measures: an electroencephalogram of the brain; Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity; electrocardiography; immunochromatographic analysis; RH-graph of the chest.

Patient's memo: When to go to see an expert in narcology? Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol, drug and tobacco dependence is handled by a narcologist. Dependent people very seldom go to a consultation with a narcologist or decide on treatment themselves. In time to turn to a narcologist for help can relatives and relatives of a person.

What services does the narcologist provide?

The narcologist is the expert who is engaged in problems of narcotic, tobacco and alcoholic dependence. His duties include studying the problem that provoked dependence, as well as prevention, diagnosis and selection of the optimal treatment option.

What is the treatment for the narcologist?

The narcologist is the expert studying the reasons of occurrence of alcoholic, tobacco and narcotic dependence. The activity of the narcologist is the prevention and diagnosis of these pathologies, the selection of the optimal treatment, as well as the treatment of various abnormalities provoked by taking alcohol, drugs, smoking.

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