Motivation for the treatment

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Motivation for the treatment
  • Motivation for the treatment of chemically dependent clients

  • Persuasion is the conscience of the mind. If your conscience calls you to help a loved one, to motivate him for treatment, then you are on the right track. And most likely, you want to save him from the torment of that terrible disease, and prove to him that you can be a cheerful and happy person, without this disastrous habit.

    And if you yourself realize that the disease is pulling you down, and you are already motivated for treatment - this is a huge step forward. Moreover, there are specialists in our clinic who are ready to give you a helping hand, and relieve you of dependence. With the help of various medical methods and techniques of our specialists, narcologists and psychologists.

    If the patient has a desire to be cured - this is good, it will allow our doctors to diagnose more quickly and begin treatment, but if a person does not have such a desire and does not realize that this habit will ruin his life, you together with us need to motivate the patient for treatment. Call and consult with our specialists, where to start, and how the treatment of your loved one will go.

    Persuasion therapy is your chance to begin treatment of a patient right now.

    During the therapy of persuasion, the specialists of our clinic do a great job at the stage of patient motivation - this is the very first and most important stage in the treatment.

    Experienced doctors with the help of persuasion therapy will help the patient to realize the whole essence of the problem and its consequences, and only after the patient has received motivation for treatment, we will be able to move on to the next stage of working with him.

    It is necessary to motivate the patient to be treated. But as?

    Occupational therapists, drug treatment specialists, psychologists engaged motivation for treatment using the therapy belief for many years in a row, this experience allows us to work with even the most severe stages of the disease and not just cure the sick, but also to prepare them for a normal, fulfilling life. Many of them became happy people, with healthy children.

    If we were able to cure the most difficult patients, then we will help you!

    Motivation or intervention (intrusion into the personal life of an addicted person) has several purposes:

    • creating a suitable psychological climate for change;
    • formation of beneficial motivation for treatment;
    • stimulating the patient to change;
    • correction of individual forms of behavior.
We will really help you and your loved ones FOREVER change your life!