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  • Intervention of chemically dependent clients:

    • – A sudden invasion of the life of an addict, and motivation for treatment, the effectiveness of 98%
  • Remove psychological protection of a drug addict and convince a person to undergo treatment will help professional intervention. This procedure is carried out in the presence of relatives dependent with the direct participation of a psychologist, as well as people who have already been rehabilitated and are ready to share successful experience. It is known that the level of trust of a drug addict in the peak of its use is very low. Therefore, in preparing for intervention, the psychological characteristics of the dependent person are taken into account. The realization that you are sick and that drugs have become an integral part of your life comes through pain. And this must be taken into account. Push the addict to the treatment is capable of a motivational program, designed individually for each person.

    Relatives and friends can not be silenced by the problem and go into emotional isolation, as the tension in the family will only grow, and the dependent himself will have to resort to various manipulations to avoid treatment.

    Co-dependence in relations with the dependent obscures the mind and distorts the perception of relatives. And at this time, relatives need to trust the specialists and consistently implement all the recommendations of doctors and consultants, becoming a link between the dependent and specialists of the rehabilitation center.

    We form the motivation

    It is known that the program of self-justification works steadily at the addict or alcoholic. Intervention will help break down the stereotypes of dependence. The stories of successful rehabilitation, confidential conversations with a psychologist during the intervention delicately and cautiously allow the dependent to look at his life from the other side, draw the right conclusions and make a decision to undergo rehabilitation in the center. A person begins to see that drugs ruin his life, and narcotic pleasures are just illusions.

    You can choose the ideal time for the intervention during the period of the drug detox in the clinic. A person is able to adequately perceive information, reason, and is receptive to negotiations. Abstinence syndrome is behind, and the physical pain threshold is maximally reduced. A person faces a choice - further destroy his life or start making recovery steps. In such circumstances, a motivational crisis can push the dependent to undergo rehabilitation.

    Often, intervention is carried out at home, clearly following the recommendations of specialists with their direct involvement. As a rule, the intervention lasts about 3-9 hours, which is prepared in advance for all participants (psychologist, relatives, friends). Be prepared that the dependent will go through several psychologically important stages - anger, irritation, despair and denial of the problem. He can ignore the first attempts at a proposal for help. If the intervention is correct, the dependent will uniquely come to awareness - will take the need for treatment and social rehabilitation.

    Experienced professionals always know, through what levers can affect the psyche of an addicted person. In our practice, we do not use violent methods. During a conversation with specialists, a person recalls that life is the most valuable thing that he has, and apart from drugs there are absolutely different ways of obtaining pleasure, not destroying life, there are close people who need communication, there are opportunities for self-realization and development . And it is true.

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