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In detail

  • Detoxification of chemically dependent clients:

    • Possibility of carrying out detoxification at a convenient time for a patient
    • Detoxication at home - withdrawal of withdrawal, hangover, mosquitoes
  • Detoxification is a whole complex of measures aimed at neutralizing, destroying and removing from the body of poisonous substances and products of their decay. In this case, a variety of natural and synthetic drugs - marijuana, cocaine and heroin, amphetamines, etc. - act as poisons.

    For drug addicts, detoxification is required in two cases. The first is when withdrawal symptoms of withdrawal symptoms (and simply - when breaking). And the second - directly for the purification of the body, during the treatment of dependence.

    Refusal to take illegal drugs is only the first step on a long road to a full and healthy life. A terrible poison never lets a person go so easily - the products of drug decay accumulate in organs, tissues and just destroy them from the inside, like with injections or smoking. And in adipose tissue, narcotic poison can live for years.

    At any moment of a sober life, this cumulative effect is able to remind oneself, and a person suddenly feels as if he has taken another dose. Even if several years in the eye did not see the prohibited drugs.

    When drug addiction prevent terrible consequences and stop the destruction of the body, a complex detoxification of the body is called for.

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