Service Federal Center of Narcology "Freedom"

In detail

  • Individual counseling for co-dependent clients:

    • - How to motivate a dependent (alcoholic and drug addict) to recover
    • - How to choose a way to treat it
    • - How to understand what and how you help a convalescent person or interfere
    • - Understand why an alcoholic or drug addict has appeared in my family and / or my relationship
    • - How to build your "Borders" and resist manipulation
    • - How to live with a recovering addict happily
  • Family counseling on dependency issues

  • Counseling for family

    The tasks of consulting couples in the most general way are to help the participants in the pair to identify and analyze:

    • - At what stage of development is this pair now
    • - What causes a couple to conflict
    • - What is the role of the participants in the pair in the conflict?
    • - How to change the interaction of the participants of the pair to a more constructive and satisfying participants
    • - How to achieve positive changes in the relations between the participants of the pair and how to make these changes sustainable
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