Compulsory treatment

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Compulsory treatment
  • Compulsory treatment

    - Treatment without the desire of the patient, but within the legal framework

  • Forced treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics is prohibited under the law of the Russian Federation. However, in connection with anosognosia (that is, denying the dependent fact that he is sick) it is difficult to obtain consent to therapy. Therefore, modern psychological approaches are used.

    Clearly worked motivational schemes and in each case, prepared taking into account the characteristics of patients and their families, work. Thanks to the belief in the method of psychological intervention, it is possible to find an approach to a drug addict and an alcoholic in order to obtain his consent to medical assistance and psychological rehabilitation. That is, in fact, this is no longer compulsory treatment for drug addiction and pathological drunkenness.

    Motivational counseling has enormous advantages over any compulsory treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics. This counseling can not be called directive. Everything takes place in a friendly atmosphere. There is no pressure on a person, the specialists only help to understand how difficult the life situation has turned out. In addition, people manage to understand how to overcome the internal conflict.

    Such, albeit at some stage, the compulsory treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism allows us to come to a further understanding of the entire need for the means and methods used. As a result, a person will feel happy, in the psyche will be observed changes that lead to a transformation in life and behavior.

    In connection with the distortion of the motivational sphere in the patient, which is associated with excessive consumption of narcotic and alcoholic substances, new and new disruptions, unsuccessful struggle against dependence, it is extremely difficult for people to cope with the problem on their own, they need specialist help in curing the disease.

    Perhaps the first steps towards a full-fledged recovery may be like compulsory treatment for alcoholism, but this is only an appearance. After a conversation with specialists, a person begins to realize the need for prompt hospitalization.

    After the motivational session, the detoxification program is launched. Modern methods, the newest preparations, meeting the standards accepted all over the world are applied. All is appointed in strictly personal mode and only after a comprehensive examination. Only in this way can the safety and effectiveness of procedures be guaranteed.

    Then, together with the patient and his relatives, a therapeutic treatment scheme is selected and developed.

    Sometimes it is impossible to motivate a person suffering from drug addiction for treatment for a whole range of reasons. Particularly bright is that when a person simply remains in illusions and denies his pathological condition, says that he does not need help and threatens to avoid compulsory treatment from drug addiction, not agreeing at least to talk about a healthy lifestyle.

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