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  • Coding of dependent clients

    • Coding at home - exit service
    • Coding in the clinic - stationary

    Coding for alcoholism is the second mandatory stage of alcohol dependence treatment, which is usually passed after detoxification, when ethyl alcohol is completely removed from the patient's body. Coding is a kind of "prohibition" on the use of alcohol, for this specialists use different methods.

    The main purpose of the procedures carried out at this stage of addiction treatment is to force the patient to completely abandon the use of alcohol, to prevent relapses of alcoholic binges. If the "coded" person still consumes alcohol, it entails a strong deterioration in his state of health, which persists for a fairly long period and can not be eliminated on his own without the intervention of a doctor.

    The mandatory conditions for coding are:

    Abstinence of the patient from the use of any alcoholic beverages for five to fifteen days before the procedure.

    Consent patient for treatment, as compulsory treatment of alcohol dependence is prohibited at the legislative level. In addition, such treatment will not have the desired result, because in this case, a major role is played by psychological factors - the patient's desire to heal and lead a sober lifestyle.

    Basic coding methods

    We can distinguish the following main groups of methods of coding for alcoholism:

    • Psychotherapeutic.
    • Physiotherapeutic.
    • Medicamentous.
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