Ambulatory treatment

Service Federal Center of Narcology "Freedom"

In detail

Ambulatory treatment
  • Ambulatory treatment of chemically dependent clients:

    • Outpatient support of the client upon completion of resocialization
    • Out-patient support after discharge from the center
    • Outpatient support of the client in special (non-standard) cases
    • Advising on personal and family issues for long periods of sobriety:
      • - Stress and crisis situations in the family, at work, in communication
      • - Interpersonal and intra-family conflicts
      • - Work on your assertiveness
  • The main work with the dependent client at the first time of sobriety is to help him in transferring to normal life the strengthening in it of the skills and knowledge received in the rehabilitation center and on the re-socialization necessary to remain sober, to adapt to conditions outside rehabilitation in complex, non-standard cases, if necessary - in gaining knowledge and skills, in particular helping the client is to form skills:

    • - Receiving help in group therapy
    • - Receive assistance in individual counseling
    • - Skills of using self-study techniques
    • - Elaboration of safe behavior algorithms ("Borders")
    • - Building and realizing realistic plans for self-development
    • - Building adequate self-esteem
    • - Changes in attitudes toward the past towards a more constructive
    • - Restoration of lost healthy social ties and the formation of new
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