Our strengths

Federal Center of Narcology "Freedom"

  • - We work only under a contract, the second copy of which remains with you

  • - Our Federal Center of Narcology "Freedom" has a respectable reputation among doctors and narcological clinics (narcologists, psychologists, psychiatrists). Patients who have undergone rehabilitation recommend us

  • - We guarantee the best living conditions for the most demanding patients

  • - We have been rehabilitating for over 12 years

  • - We give a spiritual and moral education - aimed at understanding the principles of moral and ethical norms adopted in society, the formation in patients of traditional values

  • - We can go to any place in russia for a patient. Also accompany the patient on the road

  • - We issue a huge amount of methodological materials, which later remain with the patient

  • - We combine various methods of both psychologic practices and mediocomotor solutions of the largest institution of narcology

  • - Our methods of treatment are always replenished, we do not stand still

  • - All the methods used are combined into a single system of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the staging of the measures

  • - Individual approach to each patient, based on a full analysis of the state of health

  • - Real interaction with well-known organizations for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

  • - Restoring family ties

  • - An interesting leisure program for our patients

Differences and goals of our

Federal Center of Narcology "Freedom"

  • Our differences

    The most important thing is employment after the program, a flexible system of payment and free places (with 100% motivation), therapeutic camps of 1500 convalescent young people

  • Our mission

    The mission is motivation for the treatment and rehabilitation of addicted people (drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers), working with their families while they recover in psychosocial rehabilitation (not drug treatment), as well as providing narcological services, we unite many narcological clinics that qualitatively derive from acute narcotic poisoning.

We will really help you and your loved ones FOREVER change your life!